More than 80% of jobs today are filled through networking


3000 people, most of whom are in management or roles have responded to a survey to a survey held for 12 months about how they found their last job.

The result as stated in the graphic;



Networking is the most startling observation for most active candidates considered to be  their primary methods for finding jobs presented by two groups of candidates on the left.

Networking trumps applying directly for a job for less active who are looking for another job by a factor of 3:1.

However, the ratio of networking for true passive candidates to applying is a whopping 7:1.

Overall size of talent market for each group is important as shown at top of graphic.

Last year, a joint research conducted with LinkedIn determined status of job hunting of the fully employed.

Active candidates represent 5-20% of total talent market, passive about 65-75% & Tiptoers about 15-20% that reflect different positions with active candidates who are available for positions highly-demanded.

Finding candidates needs to emphasize networking.

Existing methods used by organizations globally, expressed by Rose are flawed fundamentally.

The major one is the context, skills & experience-laden job descriptions unfortunately to capture need of true job.

Performance-based job descriptions is the best way to needs of real job.

Jobs are filled internally or through a referral from a trusted source before being published online.

Candidates are evaluated based on their upside potential, track record of past performance, ability & leadership.

Which means you don’t have to be perfect fit to be hired.

Jobs are modified to fit needs of career related to the candidate.

“Employees who come to the company ‘known by us’ in some way are seen to be better hires and thought to get up to speed more quickly and stay with the company longer. Using your networking wisely is a muscle you can exercise and develop if you haven’t already. Outplacement and alumni career services surveys report that 65 to 85 percent of job seekers find their jobs through networking”