Fashion designer Raf Simons exits Calvin Klien


Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons announced his departure from Calvin Klein after working as their chief creative officer for two years. As per the official statement released on Friday, the designer and the company parted ways “amicably”. Difference in the creative vision was being quoted as the main reason behind his exit. Simons did not add much to the statement and as per his representative; he is not available for further comments.

Simons, 50, joined Calvin Klein in 2016 and brought his arty creative approach to the brand. His debut fashion show in February 2017 made waves in the New York fashion industry. He broke the norm with his politically charged line of clothes and giving a dramatic with opening and closing with the David Bowie song ‘This is Not America’.
The show received much critical appreciation along with celebrities flocking in and gushing about his work. The fashion fraternity presented him with three top awards in two years. Besides, he also earned Council of Fashion Designers of America award for womenswear in both 2017 and 2018, and menswear award in 2017, which is a rare achievement in the industry.

Unfortunately, all the raving did not have that same impact on the company’s sales. PVH, the corporation that owns Calvin Klein reported disappointment as Simons vision didn’t turn into a commercial success.
Simons, who has also worked with Diorr and Jil Sander in past, is said to have derived much of his references and inspiration from European culture, art and also Hollywood. In an interview while describing the idea behind his creation of garments with big shark bites on he said, “The shark represented danger…Very often we are attracted to things that we actually know are dangerous, But we can’t stay away from it.”

Calvin Klein will not show during New York fashion week in February 2019. No word was given about a successor. It is believed that Simons would go back to working on his own, eponymous menswear label.